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What is the Best Way to Clean a Stylus?

Ensuring the longevity of both your stylus and vinyl collection is a crucial aspect of maintaining a high-quality audio experience. Given the often substantial investment in styli, it becomes imperative to adopt regular cleaning practices. This not only preserves your cherished record collection but also extends the life of your stylus. In this comprehensive guide, we explore various methods to clean your stylus, ensuring optimal needle tracking and superior sound quality from your records.

So, what’s the optimal way to clean your stylus?

If your stylus is of a more economical variety with easily replaceable needles, consider employing the magic eraser or Blu Tack method. For higher-end styli, investing in washable gel tack is advisable, complemented by keeping a stylus brush on hand for good measure.

Frequency of cleaning:

Refer to our dedicated article on stylus cleaning frequency: “How often should I clean my record stylus?

Cleaning Methods:

  1. Blu Tack Method:
    • Blu Tack, commonly found in supermarkets, serves as an effective DIY stylus cleaner.
    • Exercise extreme caution to prevent any risk of bending or damaging your stylus.
    • Form a small ball of Blu Tack on a flat surface, place the needle onto it, and lift to capture surface dust.
  2. Magic Eraser Technique:
    • Utilizing melamine foam, known as a Magic Eraser, proves effective for stain removal and stylus cleaning.
    • Place the Magic Eraser on a flat surface, use the Cue Lever on your turntable to drop the stylus, ensuring minimal wear and tear.
    • Many audiophiles endorse this method for its cleaning prowess and lack of noticeable stylus deterioration.
  3. Stylus Brush Application:
    • A dedicated stylus brush is a preferred choice, available in various materials from nylon to high-quality carbon fiber.
    • Lightly brush the stylus in the direction of normal record play to eliminate dust, repeating as needed.
  4. Washable Tack Gel Method:
    • Employing washable tack gel made from polyurethane provides a slightly more expensive yet durable cleaning option.
    • Similar to the Blu Tack and Magic Eraser methods, drop the needle onto the gel and lift to clean the stylus.
  5. Stylus Cleaning Solution and Brush:
    • This method involves a solution and brush for more stubborn dirt.
    • Dip the brush in the cleaning solution, then gently brush the stylus in the direction of record play, repeating as required.


In conclusion, selecting the best stylus cleaning method involves weighing the risk and cost against the stylus’s value. While expensive stylus cleaners are an option, the more budget-friendly methods, such as the Blu Tack technique, can be equally effective if handled with care. Personal preference plays a role, and my favored approach is the Blu Tack method, a reliable choice that has served me well over the years, contributing to the prolonged life of my stylus.

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